Illinois Chamber PAC Endorses Halbrook

The voice of Illinois business, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee has endorsed Brad Halbrook for State Representative in the 102nd District.

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Rauner Endorsement

Optimized-_DSC1660.JPGGovernor Bruce Rauner officially endorsed Brad Halbrook in the 102nd Representative District Republican Primary.

“As a small businessman and farmer, Brad has the experience Illinois needs in Springfield," said Rauner. "During his previous service in the General Assembly, Brad established a strong conservative record by advocating for much needed reforms, economic growth and lower taxes. We need leaders like Brad Halbrook who will bring real-world business experience to the General Assembly. Career politicians and the special interests have stifled business for too long."

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Changes Needed to Expedite Absentee Voting

Halbrook Calls for Presidential Nomination Procedure Changes to Expedite Absentee Voting, Protect Military Voting Rights

Brad Halbrook, candidate for State Representative in the 102nd district, called for changes to Illinois law to ensure timely absentee balloting, especially for overseas military personnel.

“It will surprise no one that Illinois is behind almost every other state in the nation in how we select delegates to the National Conventions,” said Halbrook.  “Now, our backward system is threatening the right to vote for those who are serving our country overseas.”  

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Governor Rauner Supports Halbrook

Champaign News-Gazette reports Governor Rauner's support for Brad Halbrook.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has jumped into the 102nd House District Republican primary, endorsing former state Rep. Brad Halbrook in what for now is a three-way race.

Halbrook, of Shelbyville, is running with Jim Acklin of Ogden and Randy Peterson of Paris to replace retiring state Rep. Adam Brown, who announced this summer that he would not try for a fourth term in 2016.

"The governor is supporting Brad because he's the right fit for the district and supports the governor's Turnaround Agenda," said Rauner spokesman Lance Trover.

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Halbrook Supports Chicago Mayor Recall Bill

Saying that transparency and accountability were cornerstones of good government, Republican State Representative candidate Brad Halbrook put his support behind a bill allowing Chicago citizens to petition to recall their mayor.

“Accountability for our elected officials is critical. When they use their governmental power to hide important information from the public to help their election, the public deserves a method to remove that official.”

House Bill 4356 has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly and would provide a mechanism to have Rahm Emanuel removed as mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel has been under criticism for withholding video evidence of the shooting of Laquan McDonald during his reelection campaign for Mayor earlier this year.  The City of Chicago settled with the McDonald family out of court and only a lawsuit was able to uncover the video.

Halbrook is a small businessman and farmer from Shelbyville running in the March 15, 2016 Republican primary election for State Representative in the 102nd District.


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Brad Halbrook Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Former State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) announced his candidacy Thursday for State Representative in the 102nd District. “My service in the Illinois House of Representatives was the highlight of my public service. I’m looking forward to serving again and helping to turn Illinois around.”

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