Gun Control, Madigan Pension & Accounting 4.9.21

The progressive left is on the march to disarm honest citizens. At the national level, President Joe Biden is using executive orders to implement gun control policies that cannot get to his desk via the legislative process. 

And here in Illinois, we continue to see our rights being trampled by the radical left. Most if not all of the policies they are advocating would not do a single thing to reduce violent crime. At the same time that gun control carnival barkers are crowing about more gun laws – the very same people are also actively trying to stop the prosecution of criminals who use guns to commit crimes. 

The truth is gun control advocates do not care about gun crimes. What they do care about is silencing and punishing their political opponents. Gun control is not about anything so noble as saving human life. It is about control and silencing conservatives. The right of free assembly, the protections afforded citizens from illegal searches and sieges and the right to bear arms are all individual rights that uniquely protect us from government tyranny. It is no accident that the statists are using the pandemic as a vehicle to shutter churches and gun confiscation. The choice of David Chipman as the new director for the ATF is a sure sign that our woke overlords want to use the excuse of public safety to take possession of our firearms. 

Our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights are in peril. We need to stand up and fight for our liberties before they disappear. 

This week’s newsletter highlights more gun control bills in Springfield, the lucrative pension benefits former Speaker Mike Madigan is receiving and the budget gimmicks that are bankrupting state government.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook                                                                                                                                                                                    


More gun control legislation being considered

There is no end to the left’s incessant harassment of honest gun owners. The latest effort is Senate Bill 568, which doubles the cost of obtaining a FOID card and would reduce the expiration of the card from 10 years down to five.

Punishing honest gun owners by increasing fees is not going to do a thing to make our communities safer. Exercising our Constitutional rights should not cost citizens a dime. The radical left by insisting on increasing the cost of the FOID card is making a compelling case to end the FOID once and for all. 

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Despite federal probe, former Speaker Mike Madigan collecting pension

On March 24th, former House Speaker Mike Madigan received his first pension check for $7,093.

His current annual pension of $85,117 is set to increase to $148,955 in July 2022. Madigan contributed $352,345 to his General Assembly Retirement Fund but in three years, his pension will exceed the amount he contributed. 

For decades Madigan doled out political favors to insiders, approved spending plans that have brought our state to insolvency and raised taxes. People are leaving Illinois in droves thanks to policies Madigan forced onto our state. We are left to clean up his mess while he reaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in pension funds – all while being investigated by the federal government. Is it any wonder our state is in such a mess?

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Former IL Comptroller sounds alarm about perils of accounting gimmicks

During a recent presentation to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board former Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger said accounting gimmicks to make budgets appear balanced are bankrupting our state.

“We are a state that, if we could be bankrupt, we would be bankrupt,” Munger said.

She cited tricks such as counting borrowed funds as revenue to make the budget appear balanced. What Illinois needs is an honest budget process. We need accurate revenue estimates, and we need to limit the growth of spending. The budget gimmicks and financial games being played are hurting our state and driving us deeper into debt. We need reform and we need it now.

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Good Friday, EO Challenge, Remap & Lockdowns

Today is Good Friday and the start of Easter Weekend. Last year at this time, most churches were closed and there were no in-person Easter services.

Thankfully, churches are able to have in-person Easter services this year. I know I am looking forward to the services at my church. I hope everyone has a great Easter and given the events of last year, I also hope everyone has a greater appreciation for the freedoms we have to freely assemble. I know I do. 

This week’s newsletter highlights court cases challenging the Governor’s prolonged emergency powers; Senate hearings on the legislative remapping process; and the economic impact of the lockdown of the Illinois economy. 

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook                                                                                                                                                                                    


Pritzker’s emergency powers challenge

The leaders in the House and the Senate have been nothing but bystanders during the last year as Gov. JB Pritzker has issued one emergency order after another during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Sangamon County judge, though, could interrupt the Governor’s honeymoon. FoxFire restaurant in Geneva sued the Governor over his prohibition in October. The restaurant won in Kane County Circuit Court, but the case was reversed on appeal and remanded to the lower court. The Geneva case has been rolled into other similar cases currently being considered in the Sangamon County Court, which could soon rule on whether or not these cases will be dismissed. 

The Governor has had virtually unchecked power for an entire year to tell businesses when they can and can’t open and there is no end in sight for these Executive Orders. A ruling on the merits of these cases is expected in the next couple of weeks. 

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Illinois Senate holds hearings on the remap process

The Illinois Senate has launched a series of hearings on the legislative the remap process. Residents are being given an opportunity to weigh in on the remap process at these hearings. 

On April 7 at 10 am, Decatur residents will have an opportunity to participate. 

I, along with many of my Republican colleagues, support Fair maps. We want to see an independent commission draw the maps and take the politics out of it but even then, the map will still favor urban districts to rural districts. The 1964 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Reynolds vs. Sims case ruled that the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population. In a state like Illinois, this all but assures complete Democrat domination in both legislative chambers. 

It is encouraging to me that these hearings are taking place, and I urge anyone in the 102nd interested in this topic to tune into the April 7th hearing and to let your voice be heard. I will keep everyone up to date on these hearings as they happen.


Pandemic lockdowns have shuttered 35 percent of Illinois businesses

Nearly 500,000 Illinois residents are out of work thanks to Governor Pritzker’s lockdown of the state’s economy during the last year, and about 35 percent of small businesses have closed.

The economic toll of the pandemic lockdowns will reverberate in Illinois for many years to come. The State of Michigan is the only Midwest state with a higher percentage of small business closures than Illinois. We need to reopen Illinois and we need to do it now.  

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Veto, Rent Control & Income Tax Credit 3.26.21

The Legislature will soon be putting together the legislative district maps. 

This is a partisan process that allows political parties to draw district boundaries to provide an electoral advantage for one political party over another. 

Most Illinois residents would like to see an independent commission draw the district boundaries, but so far nothing has been done about it. I support the Fair Maps proposal to take the partisan politics out of the remapping process. We need fair and independent maps that are based on logical choices for district boundaries rather partisan politics. It is time for our political leaders to stop ignoring the growing calls for an independent remap process. 

This week’s newsletter highlights the Governor’s veto of a trial lawyer bill; a rent control bill that has advanced to the House floor and an effort to allow illegal immigrants to qualify for Illinois’s Earned Income Tax Credit.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook


Pritzker vetoes trial lawyer stimulus bill 

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has vetoed an 11th hour trial lawyer gift bill that was pushed through during the previous General Assembly.

The legislation (HB 3360) bill would have empowered plaintiffs in all personal injury and wrongful death cases to collect 9% interest per year money awarded in favorable court rulings. The clock on the interest rate would begin when the incident took place. The interest would apply to both economic damages as well as pain and suffering awards.

The 9 percent interest is higher the rates used by other states that have similar interest policies in personal injury cases. Pritzker said the rates were too high and interest should not apply to damages for pain and suffering. 

As the Governor was vetoing HB 3360, the Legislature has sent the Governor an alternative version of the bill (SB 72). The new legislation lowers the interest rate to 6 percent. I opposed SB 72, but at least the newer version of the bill is better than the previous version. Senate Bill 72 now moves to the Governor’s desk for further consideration. 

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Rent control bill advances

The House Committee on Housing this week approved legislation to allow municipalities to impose rent caps on rental properties. 

House Bill 116 repeals the state’s Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997 and allows local governments to set limits on what landlords can charge their tenants. 

Enacting rent control would set a dangerous precedent. It is not the job of government to set the price of renting a home or an apartment. The market should determine the cost of rent. If House Bill 116 becomes law, it will have a chilling effect on the availability of rental property which will hurt the very people the bill is supposedly trying to protect. It is a short-sighted bill and one I strongly oppose. 

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Effort underway to allow illegal immigrants to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax credit aimed at helping working families. 

Illinois has about 908,000 taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit. The tax credit ranges from $538 to $6,660 depending on how many children families have. Illinois also has its own version of the Earned Income Tax Credit equal to 18% of their federal credit.

But now efforts are underway in Illinois to allow illegal immigrants to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. The Institute in Taxation and Economic Policy estimates that as many as 110,000 immigrant households would benefit from this effort.

There is, of course, an easy way for illegal immigrants to be able to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit – go through the proper channels to legally become a U.S. citizen. 

If we give away tax credits and provide access to other government assistance programs to illegals without an expectation for those who are here illegally to become citizens; there is no incentive for illegal immigrants to go through the process to become U.S. citizens. We need to incentivize LEGAL immigration to our country, and this is something we cannot accomplish if we continue to provide those here illegally with the same privileges afforded to United States citizens. 

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Stimulus, Health Care & Elections 3.20.21


Illinois is set to receive about $7.5 billion in funds from the latest Stimulus Bill. Instead of rushing to find ways to spend this money on new programs and new initiatives, the state would be better served to focus on paying back bills and getting the budget under control. 

The best way to maximize the federal money would be to implement real reforms such as pension reform and spending reform. What we should not do is spend this money on new programs that will only put us deeper in debt and make our state much worse off financially. 

Of course, we have a long history of making bad financial choices and I suspect the most likely outcome will be more bad choices. We will see, but I do not have much confidence that the Governor and the majority in the House and the Senate have any interest in making responsible budgeting decisions. 

This week’s newsletter highlights a healthcare bill the House approved; election legislation the House passed this week; and a measure allowing schools to inscribe “In God We Trust” on school buildings. 

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook


House approves costly health care initiative  

The Illinois House passed a massive health care bill this week that could potentially add billions in new spending. 

House Bill 158 is a 227-page bill aimed expanding medical services available to low-income residents and people of color. The legislation includes provisions to develop community health workers statewide, amend the prescription monitoring system to better combat the opioid epidemic, fund safety-net hospitals, and create a program to prevent and treat sickle cell anemia among dozens of other provisions.

The measure’s price tag could be as high as $12 billion by some estimates. I have no issue with efforts to improve healthcare options for those in need, but when the state already has a $4 billion budget hole that needs to be filled, a backlog of more than $5 billion in unpaid bills, and $144 billion in unfunded pension liability – where is the money going to come from to pay for all of the prescribed spending in HB 158?

If the Democrat majority wants to find news ways of spending money, then perhaps they should get behind long-term solutions to address pensions and other financial constraints on the state budget. 

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House approves measure that would make elections less safe

The Illinois House approved a measure to codify several of the emergency election provisions that were temporarily approved last year ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

House Bill 1871 would make permanent some vote-by-mail and curbside voting expansions and would allow the state to use federal funds distributed to states for election administration through the 2002 Help America Vote Act to create and maintain secure collection sites for mail ballots.

One of the problems I have with HB 1871 is that it requires the State Board of Elections to provide guidelines rather than hard and fast rules when it comes to policies to protect the ballot collection boxes. Voting by mail already carries tremendous risk of fraud and unfortunately, House Bill 1871 makes a bad situation even worse. 

To learn more about HB 1871, click here  


Legislation allowing schools to display the words “In God We Trust” advances

This week, the House Elementary & Secondary Education: Administration, Licensing & Charter School Committee advanced legislation allowing schools to prominently display the words, “In God We Trust” inside or outside a school building. 

Nothing in House Bill 217 is a requirement. The legislation is merely permissive.

The motto on our currency came about during the American Civil War. Citizens petitioned Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase to acknowledge the deity on American currency. A Congressional Act in 1864 allowed the new 2-cent penny to have the inscription and another act in 1865 allowed for the motto to be placed on all gold and silver coins.

At a time when our nation was greatly divided – people turned to God for hope and salvation. While we are not fighting another Civil War right now, we can all agree that our nation is a divided one. The words “In God We Trust” were important in the 1860s and I believe they are important now.

The legislation now moves to the House floor a vote. 


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$1.9T Rescue Plan, Ultrasounds & Phishing

This week Senate President Don Harmon said he is not interested in bringing back the progressive income tax amendment for another run in the 2022 election. 

That’s the good news. The bad news is efforts are underway to enact other tax increases, particularly on businesses. Illinois is one of the highest taxed states in the nation. We don’t need tax increases. We need spending reforms.

This week’s newsletter highlights a statement from the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association calling for sensible tax policies; a bill requiring ultrasounds to be offered at abortions clinics and some phishing, scam e-mails being circulated. 

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook


Time to end policies that hurt economic growth

The Illinois Fuel and Retail Association says the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which includes money for state governments, should mean the end of onerous taxes on Illinois employers.

I heartily agree. Josh Sharp, CEO of Illinois Fuel and Retail Association, issued a statement saying: “These latest actions out of Washington are good news for so many small businesses and families in Illinois and across the country who have been devastated by job loss and a lack of economic activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. I encourage Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his team to move quickly to ensure these funds reach the people they were designed to help. But I also call on the Governor to use this good news for Illinois to officially end any policies that would punish the very people the federal aid is supposed to support.”

Now is not the time to raise taxes on businesses that have been hit hard by government mandated lockdowns. We need to encourage economic growth – not adopt policies that will hurt our economic recovery.

To learn more, Click Here:


Bill would require abortion clinics to offer ultrasounds

Abortion clinics would be required to offer patients the opportunity to view an ultrasound under legislation pending in the House Human Services Committee. 

House Bill 683 would create the Ultrasound Opportunity Act. It would require attending physicians, referring physicians or other qualified personnel to offer any woman seeking an abortion after 8 weeks of gestation the opportunity to receive and view an active ultrasound prior to an abortion being performed. 

This bill is not a mandate that ultrasounds be provided. It merely requires one to be offered. This is a common-sense bill. Pro-choice advocates say they are all about choice. So, here is a bill that helps women make better informed choices. It is my hope that this legislation will receive strong bipartisan support. 

House Bill 683 has been introduced and awaits a hearing in the House Human Services Committee.


Fraud Alert: Phishing Emails

The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) was made aware of new phishing attacks targeting Illinoisans. Bad actors posing as IDES representatives are sending emails to victims, designed to trick Illinoisans into disclosing their personal information. These scams falsely advertise an increase in weekly benefits. It is critical for claimants and victims of fraud to remain vigilant to detect fraudulent correspondence: 

  • Follow steps from the FTC to recognize and avoid phishing scams. The examples below include tell-tale signs of a phishing scam, such as referring to the “Division of Employment Security” as opposed to the “Department of Employment Security” and arriving from an untrustworthy email address. 
  • Strengthen and protect account information. Claimants should ensure they maintain a strong password, and never share their personal information with an untrustworthy source. 

Additional tips are available on IDES’s fraud webpage:  


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Texas, Conventions, Ethics & Vacancies 3.5.21

This week Texas opened up completely. 

Instead of mandates and capacity limits placed on businesses, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided to give power back to the people. Businesses are free to set their own policies in terms of mask requirements and social distancing guidelines, but they are no longer being forced to comply with state rules.

In other words, the government of Texas is treating adults like adults. A novel concept these days…The truth is self-governance is the foundation of a free society. We don’t need government micromanaging our lives. What is happening in Texas is what freedom looks like. Unfortunately, freedom has been in short supply – especially in states like Illinois. 

As COVID-19 cases continue to drop and more people get the vaccine, we need to take a hard look at the policies we have in Illinois and restore freedom back to the people. 

This week’s newsletter highlights the impact of no conventions being allowed in Illinois; efforts to make the Legislative Inspector General more independent; and how vacant state properties are costing taxpayers.  

As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call my office at 217-774-1306.


Brad Halbrook


Illinois losing revenue from conventions due to strict lockdown rules

Chicago is the nation’s third largest city and is historically a destination for a wide variety of conventions and conferences. While the pandemic has certainly slowed in person conventions, there are signs of life as more and more groups and associations are moving forward with in person gatherings.

Unfortunately, the 50-person rule for gatherings has ensured Illinois is not a destination for conventions. Hotels generate about $8 billion in tax revenue for the state and local communities and much of that income comes from conventions and conferences. Without that revenue, each household would have to come up with $1,600 to make up the gap.

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security the hospitality industry has lost 193,400 jobs during the past year – a 31 percent decline. It is time to address the impact these lockdowns are having on our economy. We need a clear path to normalcy – not the carnival barking of an inept plutocrat bitterly clinging to the vast emergency powers he refuses to let go. To learn more, click here: 


Bill would give Legislative Inspector General more authority in investigations

The Legislative Inspector General is a position that is overseen by a partisan group of legislators who make up the Legislative Ethics Commission. The Inspector General must get permission to launch most of her investigations and she has very little independence.

House Bill 2575 would change that and give the Legislative Inspector General greater ability to be more independent. It is a total conflict of interest to have legislators deciding what information gets released about their colleagues and what investigations are allowed and which ones are not. The Legislative Inspector General should be truly independent. 

To learn more, click here:  


Vacant properties costing taxpayers

Last year, taxpayers in Illinois paid just over $1.7 million simply to maintain vacant properties.

Part of the problem is that state law requires property to be sold for fair market value, which makes it difficult for the state to unload these properties. There is a bill in the Senate (SB 60) to address these issues but until the law is changed, taxpayers will continue to have pay to maintain buildings the state no longer needs and no longer uses. 

This is just another example of the mismanagement of our state and our resources. Instead of spending money on buildings we no longer need and use – let’s put money and resources toward our state parks and other resources that people actually want and actually use.

To learn more click here:


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Budget & SotS Speech Statement 2.17.21


Illinois General Assembly


For Immediate Release                                                                 Contact: Rep. Halbrook

   February 17, 2021                                                                              

Rep. Halbrook Says Pritzker Budget Based on Non-existent Revenues and Tax Increases is a Non-Starter

Shelbyville…State Representative Brad Halbrook today said Governor Pritzker’s proposed Fiscal Year 2022 State budget again relies on non-existent revenues and tax increases. Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) said he considers the plan a non-starter.

“As Yogi Berra said it’s ‘Déjà vu all over again’,” Halbrook said. “Last year, the Governor made a bad budget situation worse by basing his spending plan on an ill-advised tax increase that voters across the state overwhelmingly rejected. This week, he is again proposing spending based on money we don’t have and tax increases that will hurt families and businesses.” 

Governor Pritzker today introduced a $41.588 billion proposed spending plan that relies on $41.708 billion in state revenues, including roughly $1.5 billion in additional revenues that are currently not provided for under state law.  Additionally, the Governor’s budget proposal contains nearly $1 billion in new taxes on job creators across Illinois he plans to achieve by rescinding vital business reforms he negotiated with Republicans two years ago. 

“The revenue increases he is proposing are just another attempt for him to raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of small businesses who are already in trouble thanks to an entire year of his rule by executive order,” Halbrook said. “The message was clear when voters overwhelmingly rejected the progressive tax increase…this is not what the people of Illinois want. I will continue to fight for taxpayers, demand a balanced budget, and hold the Democrat majority and Governor Pritzker accountable.”


My Statement & Video

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New ILGOP Chairman 2.6.21

Springfield businessman and lawyer becomes the first downstate chairman since 1988.

State Representatives Wilhour, Halbrook, Caulkins, Miller, Niemerg: Tracy party chairman victory a win for conservatives.

For Immediate Release

Feb. 6, 2021

Contact Travis Akin



Beecher City, IL- State Representatives Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City), Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville), Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur), Chris Miller (R-Oakland) and Adam Niemerg R-Dieterich) are issuing the following statement on the election of Don Tracy as Illinois Republican Chairman.

"Despite some news reports, Don Tracy is Chairman of the Illinois Republican party because several of the most conservative legislators in the state who represent the areas with the most weighted vote were involved and backed him.

We talked directly with Tracy and supported him based on his commitment to continuing to engage working families and support the values of working people.

This isn't a Trump or anti-Trump deal. It's about putting the Republican Party in the best position to win by speaking to the middle class and working class families in Illinois who have disproportionately shouldered the burden of poor policies from our state's one-party rule for far too long.

We have been and will continue to be engaged in this process, and we look forward to working with Chairman Tracy. Make no mistake about it- the election of Don Tracy as State Party Chairman is a big win for conservatives.

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Taxpayers Freedom Caucus

House Republican legislators form new legislative group to advance reform agenda

May 21, 2020

For Immediate Release


Springfield, IL – The lack of meaningful action to address the state’s financial woes has prompted a group of legislators to create the Illinois Taxpayer Freedom Caucus that will operate within the House Republican Caucus.  Their primary focus will be promotion of the structural and ethical reforms Illinois desperately needs.


Members of the Taxpayer Freedom Caucus include Representatives John Cabello (R-Machesney Park); Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford); Blaine Wilhour (R-Effingham); Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur); Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville); Chris Miller (R-Oakland); Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake); Darren Bailey (R-Xenia); Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport); David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills); Amy Grant (R-Wheaton); Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro); Randy Freese (R-Quincy); Dave Severin (R-Benton); Tom Morrison (R-Palatine); Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa); Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis); Dan Swanson (R-Alpha); Charlie Meier (R-Okawville); and Tony McCombie (R-Savanna).


The members of the IL Taxpayer Freedom Caucus are issuing the following statement:


“There is a growing number of legislators who are tired of the business as usual politics that is bankrupting our state.  We have major fiscal issues and structural imbalances that stifle our ability to grow, create jobs and aggressively utilize our many natural advantages.  

We need to do more than just tinker with a few policies.  We need to transform how our government works.


The Democrat party in Illinois is too unaccountable.  The lack of a proper check on their influence has resulted in an agenda that is extreme, one-sided and renders vast regions of our state powerless.   


The current political operations in Illinois have shown that they are unwilling to meaningfully address these imbalances in a way that is sustainable for the future.  

Spending reform, economic growth, and ethical government are the answers to our problems.  Enacting policies that allow our economy to grow and dealing with our major budgetary and debt drivers in a way that is fair to all taxpayers is our only pathway to economic prosperity and stability in Illinois.


The pandemic has exposed the failure of the current economic policies in Illinois.  If we had taken the proper steps to control spending, reform our structural imbalances, and eliminate the influence peddling in our government, we would be in a much better position to deal with these emergencies and our children and grandchildren would not be burdened with an endlessly oppressive tax system.


This caucus intends to work within the Republican Caucus to present honest assessments and provide realistic solutions.  We acknowledge that at this point, none of the answers are easy or popular but we were sent to Springfield to deal with the real issues. “


The Caucus will meet this week and elect officers.



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Restaurant & Bar Closures 3.16.20

Monday 3.16.20 6:00am

Yesterday on Sunday 3.15.20, Gov. Pritzker issued a press release ordering the closure of Restaurants and Bars at the close of business today. I have been in communication with the Govenor's office about this. Additionally I have communicated via phone or text message with eating establishment owners from across the district. 

At the time, we do not have a copy of the Executive Order (EO) however we anticipate seeing it very soon. I like you have many questions, what are the details, what authority does the governor have to exercise these powers, what is the enforcement, and the list goes on. 

My #1 priority is the health and safety of our families, these circumstances are very serious. I believe that we must have the facts about the seriousness of COVID-19 at the same time understanding the seriousness and impacts to shut down the restaurant industry to the extent that the governor is proposing. 

At this time I am urging restaurant owners to continue to serve their customer's as they always have, to put into practice the health and safety recommendations form the CDC, IDPH & local health departments. To take common sense approaches to ensure the health & safety of their clientele. At the same time, I and our team will dig into this issue and disseminate the info as it becomes available. 

As always, feel free to contact me @217.774.1306 or [email protected]


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