Improve our Business Climate

Jobs have been leaving Illinois for other states.  As the jobs leave, so do our neighbors and extended family members. Brad Halbrook has spent his whole life in Shelby County.  He and his wife live less than ten minutes from their parents and their daughter lives less than an hour away.  Brad recognizes that the opportunities for his daugher and son are dwindling.

Brad will work to make Illinois a destination for business again.  Among the needed reforms are to lower worker's compensation costs, reduce the costs associated with frivolous law suits, and capping property taxes.

Brad will work to build a more comprehensive educational system that trains young workers for the jobs of the future as well as careers like health care and the trades.  Brad knows that the greatest asset of our state is the people.  He will work with universities, community colleges, high schools, and the private sector to establish a pathway to a career for every young person who wants to work hard, raise a family, and contribute to the well being of their community.

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  • Joan Miller
    commented 2020-01-31 11:01:50 -0600
    This is Joan Miller with C.C. Active Senior Republicans.
    I thought because of your farm background I would pick your brain about this. We have a 200 acre farm in Douglas County. We’ve been approached by a company called Tillable. I looked up their website which is pretty fancy – They are offering to lease our farm for quite a bit more than we are now getting. If we signed on, they would then put the land out for bids., and our current farmer would have to bid along with others. There is quite a difference in what they are offering, and what we’re getting now. I assume an interested farmer would have to offer more.
    My concern is, how is this company going to make money? They offer up-front payment to us, not sure what their deal with the farmer would be. I think if this catches on, the very least that might happen is all the farmers and landowners in the county would get riled. My level of skepticism is fearful of worse.
    I’m wondering if you’ve heard of this company. Is there someone in Illinois I might contact who would have information on this practice and/or this company?
    Any help you could give me would be appreciated, and if I haven’t told you lately – I appreciate everything you do every day in Springfield.
    Thank you, Joan