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Last Summer, my colleagues and I traveled around Central and Southern Illinois visiting our primary sources of energy in this state and laid out the arguments opposing SB 2408 the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA).  We told you it would increase prices and lead to less energy production in Illinois.  Now all of our arguments are proving correct.  Please read the article below, but also understand that I predict there will be a reversal of policy out of necessity, but not before we spend millions of dollars on intermittent, expensive renewable energy projects that also violate farmers’ property rights.

This is unacceptable. Stay tuned for more information.

Here's a video from our energy tour last July.  

When Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s sprawling and costly Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) passed last year, critics warned of the inevitable and harsh realities of the ill-conceived policy. The cost of losing coal-fired plants is proving steep already, and southern Illinoisans are expected to pay an extra $150+ on their annual electric bills beginning in June, due to inadequate power supply.

But higher prices are only part of it. California-style rolling blackouts are also possible due to the shortage of power generation capacity. Illinois policymakers were warned during negotiations that the transition to renewable generation should be made in a steady and measured fashion, and that moving too fast would leave central and southern Illinois to shoulder the burden. But the Pritzker administration didn’t care. They made the passage of CEJA one of their highest legislative priorities hoping to campaign on one of the nation's most ambitious green-energy laws.

The only good news (if you can call it that), is that when this dishonest and gratuitous plan backfires, Pritzker will have to own it.

This article & this article go into more depth.

It has been over a week since Democrats passed Illinois’ 2023 budget, and they are bragging about it being ‘responsible’, ‘historic’, a ‘big win for the middle class’, blah blah blah

Here’s what they’re NOT telling you:

  1. Illinois still has the nation’s lowest credit rating, by far, even after its recent one-notch upgrade.
  2. Illinois is far from being in its “strongest financial position in decades.”
  3. Illinois’ unreformed pension crisis is still the nation’s worst.
  4. Credit the near-$200 billion federalbailout, not Gov. Pritzker’s actions, for Illinois’ “improved” 2023 budget.
  5. Pritzker has only increased the cost of government.
  6. Lawmakers used the budget process to add supplemental spending to FY 2022, pushing it above $49 billion, the biggest general budget Illinois has ever had.
  7. The budget’s $1.8 billion in tax “relief”: temporary gimmicks, entirely useless thanks to inflation. 
  8. The budget contains more unnecessary K-12 education spending.
  9. Lawmakers voted another salary increase for themselves.

Read more here.

Rather than responsibly addressing Illinois’ many problems, Democrats are hoping voters can be bribed into ignoring their decades of fiscal malfeasance. Read National Coverage Here.

Instead of crafting effective solutions for the overwhelming number of problems we are facing, Illinois Democrats continue to offer up the same tired idea- just throw money at it. Why? Because they think they can buy your vote and rack up campaign donations.

It’s that simple.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s plan to use $12.5 million in city funds to give away prepaid gas cards and CTA passes is an election-year stunt that would benefit oil companies without offering Chicagoans real relief from the pain at the pump.

Prepaid Gas Cards

Governor Pritzker is giving Illinois taxpayers who own real estate up to $300 back, but there are no reforms to lower the state’s property taxes, which are second highest in the nation.

Property Tax Plan Details Here

And, the Gov is throwing gobs of money at teachers. You can be sure his primary motivation is to secure his teacher union campaign cash, not improve schools and the lives of teachers.

Read This article & this article

Senate Bill 157 will lower the tax rate on clothes and school supplies from 6.25% to 1.25% for 10-days from Aug. 5-14. How convenient.

Back To School Plan

It festers and flourishes in the absence of school choice and because teachers unions spend massive amounts of money to protect their destructive monopoly.

Details Are Here.

Disastrous Democrat-led governance has resulted in high crime, failing schools and systemic corruption. Matt Rosenberg speaks with Heartland Politics Radio on what should be done about it:

Teams of volunteer security officers and martial artists have taken to the streets to manage the crime she’s unwilling to address.

Using new scientific method, Italian researchers date Shroud of Turin to the time of Jesus Christ

House Floor Commeration

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