Week In Review 1.13.24

The Week In Review:

Bishop On Air Monday


This Week w/Tom Miller WJPF Radio

More Media Coverage:

Rep. Halbrook Recaps Border Visit Amid Historic Illegal Migrant Crisis


This Weeks Survey Question:

President Biden makes it clear that the border is as secure as our elections. What do you believe about the security of our southern boarder and our elections? Please let me know your response here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Halbrook to Pritzker: “Show us the money!”

If the Governor is going to continue to declare this a disaster, and yet do nothing to shut off the flow of Illegal Immigrants into Illinois, then we deserve accurate and truthful metrics on this crisis. Illinoisans deserve to know where these people are, how much money is being spent, and any public safety concerns to local communities.

Today I released the following: “The lack of transparency is appalling. Governor Pritzker already plans on spending $1.5 billion dollars on illegals and non-citizens and his people won’t tell us where the money is going.” 

Endorsement 2024

I would like to thank my fellow members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus for the confidence they place in me and for their endorsement. 


Yard Signs Are Ready

The Primary election is March 19th. I would appreciate your show of support by placing one of my signs on your property.

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