Brad Halbrook is a conservative Republican who understands that reforming government , improving our business climate, and embracing traditional values are the key to getting our state back.


Brad has consistently supported lower taxes.  He has a history of fighting tax hikes at a state and local level. He'll oppose an income tax hike and will work for property tax caps.

Business Climate

Jobs are leaving Illinois every day and along with that Illinois families.  Brad will work to improve the Illinois business climate by reforming worker's compensation laws and by reducing unnecessary regulations.


Brad Halbrook is Pro-Life and supports traditional marriage.

 Pro-2nd Amendment

Brad supports the right of citizens to own weapons to defend their property and family, secure their liberty, and engage in sporting activities.  

Government Reform

Brad has advocated reforming our governmental processes for over a decade.  As a legislator, he sponsored bills to provide transparency for local governments.  He favors term limits and redistricting reform.

Pension Reform

Brad will work for constitutional reforms of our pension system.  Brad was just the fifth legislator ever to refuse the lucrative General Assembly pension benefit.

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