Brad Halbrook is a conservative Republican who understands that the current economic policies in Illinois are failing. He is fighting for the reforms Illinois needs to make a comeback. Brad Halbrook stands with working families to lower taxes, reduce the cost of government and defend our Constitutional rights and liberties.  


Brad voted against the gas tax increase signed into law in 2019 and he voted against the fee increases on license plate stickers including the massive increase in light duty trailer fees. He has consistently supported lower taxes. He is opposed to the Governor’s progressive income tax hike proposal.

Business Climate

Jobs are leaving Illinois every day and along with that Illinois families. In fact, Illinois leads the Midwest in outmigration. Brad is working to improve the Illinois business climate by supporting pro-business policies such as reforming worker's compensation laws and reducing unnecessary regulations and he also is fighting to end the culture of corruption that gives politically connected insiders an unfair advantage over their competitors. 


Brad Halbrook is 100 percent Pro-Life. He has voted against taxpayer funded abortions as well as late-term abortion legislation. He also supports traditional marriage.

Pro-2nd Amendment

Brad believes that the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. He has consistently voted against gun control legislation and voted for legislation to protect the rights of honest gun owners. 

Tax Reform

Illinois taxes are among the highest in the nation. Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation and the third highest motor fuel taxes in the country. Illinois continues to lose out on potential jobs and opportunities because the taxes in Illinois are too high. Brad will continue to work for real tax relief that is needed to spur economic growth. 

Government Reform

Brad has advocated reforming our governmental processes for more than a decade. He has sponsored legislation to provide transparency for local governments and more accountability to taxpayers. He favors term limits and redistricting reform.

Pension Reform

About 25 percent of the Illinois budget goes to fund pensions, making it increasingly difficult for the State to fund schools, healthcare, and other costs. Illinois needs to the follow the lead of states like Arizona that have enacted Constitutional Amendments to give lawmakers the authority they need to get pension costs under control. Brad will continue to advocate for the meaningful pension reforms Illinois desperately needs.

Ethics Reform

The number of Illinois lawmakers being charged with bribery is growing indicating that the “Pay to Play” policies that have plagued the Land of Lincoln for decades are very much alive and well. Illinois is paying a huge price for its culture of corruption. People are leaving. Businesses are closing and relocating in other states. It is time to end the culture of corruption in Illinois. Brad will continue to push for substantive reforms – not symbolic gestures that have the appearance of reform but ultimately accomplish nothing.


Brad voted against legislation to make Illinois a sanctuary state. He also voted against the Fiscal Year 2021 budget which included funding to extend Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants. Brad supports LEGAL immigration but is committed to policies that will stop ILLEGAL immigration.  

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