Brad Halbrook is a conservative Republican who is standing up to the career politicians and influence peddlers who have made Illinois one of the most corrupt states in the nation. He is fighting for the reforms Illinois needs to make a comeback. Brad Halbrook stands with working families to lower taxes, reduce the cost of government and defend our Constitutional rights and liberties, including the right for individuals to make their own healthcare decisions. 


Brad has a proven track record of standing up for Illinois taxpayers. He voted against the massive income tax increase in 2017 and he later voted against doubling the gas tax in 2019 and he voted against the fee increases on license plate stickers. He has consistently supported lower taxes and he will continue to oppose the tax and spend policies that have made Illinois the third worst state in the country for outmigration. 

Business Climate

Jobs are leaving Illinois every day and along with that Illinois families. According to a United Van Lines report, Illinois ranks as the second worst state for outbound moves with New Jersey being the worst. Of the people leaving, about 72 percent are individuals making $100,000 or more annually, up from 67% in 2018.

People are leaving because they are tired of taxes and tired of the bad decisions of career politicians. We need to turn Illinois around by making Illinois a destination for jobs and opportunities which starts by implementing policies conducive to job growth.  


Brad Halbrook is 100 percent Pro-Life. He has voted against taxpayer funded abortions as well as late-term abortion legislation. He also has opposed legislation to overturn Illinois’ parental notification law. He has been endorsed by the Illinois Right to Life PAC and Illinois Family PAC.

Pro-2nd Amendment

Brad believes that the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. He has consistently voted against gun control legislation and voted for legislation to protect the rights of honest gun owners. He is a champion of concealed carry legislation and is actively working to end the FOID card in Illinois.  

Tax Reform

Illinois taxes are among the highest in the nation. Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation and the third highest motor fuel taxes in the country and according to a recent report from the Tax Foundation Illinois’ tax climate is the 36th worst in the country and that score would have been worse if the voters had supported JB Pritzker’s progressive income tax. 

We are taxed enough. Brad has pledged to not raise taxes and he will continue to work to bring common-sense tax and spending reforms to Illinois. 

Government Reform

Brad Halbrook understands that the only way to turn Illinois around is to implement permanent structural reforms such as hard caps on state spending, meaningful anti-corruption measures and real solutions to the state’s pension crisis. In addition, Brad supports term limits and redistricting reform to take the politics out of the legislative remap process. 

Pension Reform

Illinois’s pension crisis is growing. Anywhere from 20-25 percent Illinois budget goes to fund pensions, making it increasingly difficult for the State to fund schools, healthcare, and other costs. The influx of federal money has helped the short-term outlook for the state’s pension debt, but little has been done to fix the problems in the short-term. Illinois needs to the follow the lead of states like Arizona that have enacted Constitutional Amendments to give lawmakers the authority they need to get pension costs under control. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and cost taxpayers even more. Brad will continue to advocate for the meaningful pension reforms Illinois desperately needs.

Ethics Reform

The Illinois Legislative Inspector General left office in December due to frustrations with the lack of serious reforms coming from the Legislature. The need for tough, anti-corruption legislation is self-evident. The so-called ethics reform legislation recently signed into law is a joke. We need to end the culture of the “Pay to Play” policies that have plagued the Land of Lincoln for decades. Brad will continue to push for substantive reforms such as giving the Legislative Inspector General real authority to launch investigations and to investigate activity that goes beyond just a legislator’s official duties. 


While Brad strongly supports LEGAL immigration, he is committed to policies that will stop ILLEGAL immigration. He is opposed to the sanctuary state status in Illinois. He also voted against legislation banning state and local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE agents. Brad believes the state’s current immigration policies are making our communities less safe and he is working to change them.

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