Illinois Tax Incentives Should Not Go to Our Adversaries 9.12.23


September 12, 2023


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Illinois Tax Incentives Should Not Go to Our Adversaries 

“We call on the Governor to immediately halt any tax incentives for companies that are not Allies of America or aligned with our national interests.” 

 - State Reps. Dan Caulkins, Brad Halbrook, and Chris Miller

Springfield, Illinois – Last Friday, Governor Pritzker announced one of the most significant tax incentives in the state's history for Gotion, Inc., a maker of electrical vehicle batteries. The incentive package is valued at $536 million for state tax credits alone. Local tax incentives in Manteno, Illinois, where the plant will be located, include freezing property taxes for 30 years. Specific federal tax incentives that are part of the Inflation Reduction Act have an undetermined value currently. The Chinese company is likely opening EV battery plants here and in other parts of the U.S. to corner the market before a 2029 deadline that requires EV batteries sold in the U.S. be 100% sourced from the United States.

The deal was signed by Gotion Inc. President Chen Li, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, an essential part of the Chinese Communist Party. Li is also affiliated with the World Economic Forum, a globalist organization wanting an economic “Great Reset” unfavorable to U.S. economic interests. Chen Li’s father, Zhen Li, founded Gotion Energy Company in 2006 and has a long history with the Chinese Communist Party.

State Representatives Brad Halbrook, Chris Miller, and Dan Caulkins are submitting legislation that revises Illinois business tax credits and requires any future tax incentives given to a foreign entity must be with an entity affiliated, and active members, with allied countries of the United States. The legislation will include similar qualifications for investment of Illinois funds and donations received by higher education institutions. 

State Rep. Brad Halbrook said, "When we voted for the Reimagining Electrical Vehicles Act, no one would have believed that we would be giving a massive tax incentive to a Chinese company that intends to control the market in this industry and who is effectively a state-owned enterprise of the Chinese Communist Party, an economic, political, and military adversary of the United States."

State Rep. Chris Miller stated, “It is insanity to give any Chinese company access to tax breaks. We need to go even further and pass the legislation I filed previously to prevent Chinese ownership of our farmland. I also don't understand how Gov. Pritzker pens a deal to help fund any Chinese state-owned enterprise when the Chinese government is the source of fentanyl, which kills a hundred thousand Americans each year. We shouldn’t give a half billion dollars to people who spy on our country, steal our technology, and intend to drive American companies out of business. Pritzker’s giveaway borders on being traitorous.”

State Rep. Dan Caulkins remarked, “I support tax credits to attract businesses on the cutting edge of technology. I oppose funding Chinese companies that intend to flood the market with batteries built elsewhere to drive out competition and be the only supplier in a few years when federal requirements kick in for 100% made in the U.S. We need to support U.S. manufacturing instead.”

State Representatives Dan Caulkins, Brad Halbrook, and Chris Miller are founding members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus.


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