Halbrook Supports Chicago Mayor Recall Bill

Saying that transparency and accountability were cornerstones of good government, Republican State Representative candidate Brad Halbrook put his support behind a bill allowing Chicago citizens to petition to recall their mayor.

“Accountability for our elected officials is critical. When they use their governmental power to hide important information from the public to help their election, the public deserves a method to remove that official.”

House Bill 4356 has been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly and would provide a mechanism to have Rahm Emanuel removed as mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel has been under criticism for withholding video evidence of the shooting of Laquan McDonald during his reelection campaign for Mayor earlier this year.  The City of Chicago settled with the McDonald family out of court and only a lawsuit was able to uncover the video.

Halbrook is a small businessman and farmer from Shelbyville running in the March 15, 2016 Republican primary election for State Representative in the 102nd District.


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