Mass Murder, Criminals Set Free & Energy

Horrific Violence Over Independence Day Weekend!

Mass Murder in Highland Park, 12 Killed and 68 Wounded in Chicago Over Independence Day Weekend

“I am saddened by the senseless loss of life by deranged individuals who are intent on doing evil.”

Shelbyville, IL – Over the July 4th holiday weekend Chicago registered 12 individuals killed and another 68 wounded and on Independence Day a lone gunman shot and killed 7 individuals and wounded nearly four dozen more who were watching the Highland Park parade. The gunman is in custody after police tracked and pursued him for hours following the shooting. Yesterday, he confessed to the murder. The day after the mass murder, Gov. Pritzker issued a disaster proclamation for Highland Park to recover from the mass murder.  No similar disaster declaration has been issued at any time by Governor Pritzker for every weekend occurrence of violence in Chicago or elsewhere.

State Representative Brad Halbrook responds:

I am saddened by the senseless loss of life by deranged individuals who are intent on doing evil.  I pray for the victims and their families. We need to look for answers as to why the Highland Park mass murder occurred and why the violence in Chicago continues.

It is time to get to the root cause of this violence.  More information comes out daily that the Highland Park shooter had a fascination with violence that was ignored. It should be noted that Highland Park had in place its own assault weapons ban, enacted in 2013, and that Illinois has Red Flag laws as well, both of which failed to prevent the shooter from owning the weapon he used.  More laws are not the answer.  I firmly believe we must look deeper for solutions to the violence going on in our society. We must be open to all conversations about why this violence continues to occur and look for real solutions to prevent this tragic loss of life in the future.

As to Governor Pritzker’s disaster declaration for Highland Park, I would like to know what criteria he is using to make such declarations.  The unfairness of declaring one zone of violence as a disaster area and ignoring other zones is troubling.


People Had to Know This Guy Was A Ticking Time Bomb

How does something like this happen without family, friends and the internet community seeing warning signs? The answer, it doesn’t—NO ONE INTERVENED. Politicians and officials are also to blame.

We know at one time the shooter was suicidal.  There are indications that he may have used marijuana. In light of the circumstances surrounding this horrific event then, this article is worth revisiting.

Special Session Scheduled for This Week Canceled

In the wake of the Highland Park Mass Murder, Gov. Pritzker canceled Special Session scheduled for this week to consider expanded support for abortion in Illinois. But read below about what he has planned.


Pritzker Lays Out His Abortion Demands

The governor participated in a virtual White House event July 1st, and here’s what he said:

“I propose that you immediately form a reproductive healthcare strike force – pulling together the best experts, federal leaders, and the states on the frontline of this fight to find every single federal rule and regulation that can enhance our ability to provide reproductive health care. Eliminate the rules that are creating barriers and create new rules that expand access. Make sure the FTC takes a hard look at whether our existing privacy regulations are sufficient to protect individuals looking for abortion care.”

Pritzker emphasized these 4 things:

  • ONE. Right off the bat, we can find a way for the federal government to support doctors in EVERY state providing telehealth and mail prescriptions to patients, as well as making facilities on federal land in EVERY state available for clinicians to practice.
  • TWO. Those mail prescriptions are going out through the United States Postal Service, not the postal service of Alabama or Missouri. So we need to get out in front of any attempts to criminalize use of the federal postal system to deliver medication, because they will try.
  • THREE. We also need a centralized hub connecting patients and providers across state lines. I’m getting calls from providers up and down Illinois who are getting double and triple booked by scared patients who are grabbing every appointment they can because they’re afraid of losing all of them. There needs to be an ultra-secure navigator system for providers to communicate with each other and with patients about their options. We don’t want any appointments going to waste.
  • FOUR. Most importantly of all: we need federal dollars. Illinois is going to have half the country relying on us to provide abortions and reproductive health care. We fund abortions with our Medicaid dollars. But our state funds alone can’t support the demand. We need the federal government to pay for clinic upkeep, medical transport, and other associated billable items up until the abortion itself. And the federal government can provide the state with additional funding elsewhere to support our Medicaid needs.

Pritzker ended the call with typical Democrat hysteria, “This is a crisis and we need to treat it like one.”


YOU Are Paying Other People to Buy Electric Vehicles

Gov. J.B. Pritzker's administration announced the start of Illinois’ Electric Vehicle Rebate Program that brings about a $4,000 taxpayer-funded rebate for consumers who buy an electric car and a $1,500 rebate for electric motorcycles. The program is a part of a $17.9 million taxpayer-funded plan to pay for rebates on electric vehicle purchases.

Pritzker said his plan is about bringing jobs to Illinois.

Yeah, right.

Now Listen to the Truth on Energy by Policy Expert Robert Bryce.

Every American should take notes on what he says in this four-minute video.



Illinois Is Leading The Pack!


In May, one in every 2,000 housing units had a foreclosure filing in Illinois and Chicago had the third-worst rate among metropolitan areas with a population of at least 200,000, according to a report by real estate data provider ATTOM.

Illinois has the third highest rates of underwater mortgages and if the economy declines, these would be more likely to go into foreclosure.


Did You Know That Illinois Is Currently A COVID ‘Disaster Area’?

Even though none of our neighboring states are making such an absurd claim, Governor Pritzker has invoked yet another disaster (his 31st consecutive 30-day period) so he can continue to rule by executive order.

And not just some counties are disaster areas- ALL OF THEM ARE.

Why isn’t the media challenging THIS ‘threat to our democracy’?



These people are insane with power and have crossed way over the line.

The National Education Association’s (NEA) annual conference is underway in Chicago, and the group is calling for a national policy of mandatory masking, mandatory vaccinations, and rejecting the words “mother” and “father.”

The NEA is the largest labor group in the U.S., with more than three million members, including Jill Biden and President Betty Pringle (pictured above).



Crowds of people threw rocks and fireworks at Chicago police officers while others climbed onto occupied CPD squad cars as cops responded to disturbances on the city’s northwest and southwest sides July 3rd. Two officers received minor injuries and three patrol cars were damaged, according to CPD reports. 

Watch the unthinkable videos here


It’s A Great Time To Be A Criminal In Kim Foxx’s Chicago

Last week, three people were shot and three others stabbed in separate incidents following the Chicago Pride Parade. The assailants in the shooting were taken into custody, but the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to file any charges.

The woman who stabbed three people was only charged with a misdemeanor.


SCOTUS Targets the Real Enemy

There has been a flurry of rulings from the Supreme Court recently, but the most significant among them, even if it doesn’t capture all the headlines, is West Virginia vs the EPA. The concurring opinion, written by Justice Neil Gorsuch, indicates that we are headed toward a major and much-welcome curbing of the power of the administrative state.

Strangely, the topic hardly comes up at all during elections, but for generations this ‘4th branch’ of government has grown in size, scope, and strength. There are some 432 administrative agencies, and they are dangerous to the idea of freedom itself. This Supreme Court decision applies not just to the EPA but to every other agency, including the CDC and the Federal Reserve. They all should be accountable to the people through their elected representatives.

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