Brad Halbrook Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Former State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) announced his candidacy Thursday for State Representative in the 102nd District. “My service in the Illinois House of Representatives was the highlight of my public service. I’m looking forward to serving again and helping to turn Illinois around.”

Halbrook served as State Representative from 2012 until 2015 in the 110th District. He was one of the first legislators to ever opt out of the General Assembly Retirement System. “The pension problem in Illinois is at the core of our fiscal problems. Solving that problem requires that our legislators take the first step and decline the excessive benefits of the legislative pensions,” said Halbrook.

Halbrook has a record of conservatism across the board. He voted against each of the out of balance state budgets presented to him by Pat Quinn and also opposed all tax hikes. He supported carry concealed and favors reducing the restrictions on carry conceal and its licensing costs. He is pro-life.

Halbrook also has been a champion of government reform. He sponsored numerous bills to expand the rights of citizens under the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. He supports term limits and redistricting reform. “Government must be responsive and accountable to the citizens. I have always made that goal a priority.”

Halbrook will look to expand job opportunities for the area. “More jobs in our area means better lives for our families and more revenue for our communities, schools, and state. We can’t balance the budget by cuts alone. We need more people with jobs and paying taxes to get ourselves out of the mess created by the Democrats who ran this state for twelve years.” As State Representative, Halbrook voted for the bill that brought the Cronus fertilizer plant to Tuscola. Additionally, Halbrook supports changes to the worker’s compensation system that will reduce costs for businesses and governments while protecting the rights of workers who suffer injuries. Halbrook is also an advocate for reducing regulatory barriers to growth. “As an owner of a small business for 20 years and as as a farmer, I know that regulations are holding back job growth in this state.”

Brad Halbrook is a native of Shelby County. He served as State Representative in the 110th District from 2012 until 2015. He is the past chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party. He recently sold his small business and currently operates a small farm in Shelbyville. Brad and his wife Linda have two children. Halbrook’s campaign can be reached at 217-717-2780 or by emailing [email protected]. The campaign website is

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