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Brad Halbrook Announces Intent to Run for Re-election for State Representative in the 102nd District 


Aug. 26, 2019                                                                                                                           

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Shelbyville, IL – State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) announced today he is running for re-election for State Representative in the 102nd District because he says now more than ever, Illinois needs conservative leadership in the Statehouse.


“This past year was a difficult one for people in rural Illinois,” Halbrook said. “The far-left extremists who have hijacked the Democrat party pushed through one of the most radical agendas we have ever seen. They raised taxes to the tune of $45 billion and they pushed through radical measures such as an extreme abortion bill that provides a pathway for late-term abortions right up to the moment of birth. We need conservative leaders who will fight back and help put Illinois back on track.”


Halbrook voted against legislation to double the state’s gas tax, increase license plate renewal fees, increase the real estate transfer fees and hike up taxes on cigarettes. Halbrook also opposed a measure to place a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to implement a progressive income tax in Illinois.


“A big part of my re-election campaign will be focused on stopping the progressive income tax Constitutional Amendment,” Halbrook said. “This is essentially a blank check for the very people who have created this financial mess in Illinois. Anyone who believes that the so-called ‘progressive income tax’ is just a tax increase for the rich is not facing the reality of this state. The very people who claim the progressive income tax is only going to affect the wealthiest people in this state are the same people who pushed through a tax increase to double the gas tax, which is a regressive tax on low income families.”


Another issue Rep. Halbrook says he will be pushing is the effort to separate from Chicago. Halbrook says he has been amazed at the organic movement around separation that is gaining momentum.


“I understand that it is a difficult process to form a new state separate from the City of Chicago, but there is a Constitutional process for this, and it has happened four times in our nation’s history,” Halbrook said. “The reason this movement has gained so much traction is because of the radical agenda being pushed by Chicago legislators. People in rural Illinois are tired of having their values be ignored and the more politicians in Chicago dismiss these efforts the more it serves to prove the point that the ideas and values of rural voters are being ignored.”


Brad Halbrook was elected State Representative in the the 102nd District in 2016. He previously had served two terms as State Representative in the 110th District from 2012-2015. He and his wife Linda live in Shelbyville. They have two children and own and operate a small family farm. 




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  • Wanda Allen
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    We’re here for ya buddy.2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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