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Governor Pritzker’s Hyperbole on Draft Opinion is Out of Step with Majority of Illinoisans

This week Politico released a leaked draft copy of Justice Alito’s Supreme Court opinion which would overturn Roe v. Wade and send decisions about abortion laws back to the states.   In response, Governor Pritzker, and numerous other Democrat legislators, released statements vowing that, “abortion will always be safe and legal here in Illinois. Illinois is and will remain a beacon of hope in an increasingly dark world.”

In response, State Representative Brad Halbrook released the following statement:

Governor Pritzker and the Democrats’ response to the leaked draft opinion on overturning the nearly 50-year old Roe v. Wade decision is reckless and pathetic. Even before the Supreme Court leak on the upcoming Roe v. Wade decision has been verified, Governor Pritzker is wringing his hands proclaiming ‘the sky is falling’! Governor Pritzker made no mention of the unethical and unprecedented leak in his press release, completely ignoring the assault on our democratic institutions.

We all know this is political theater, but this is some of his best drama: “The terrifying implications of this decision and what it means for millions of women across the country cannot be understated,” he said. His supporting cast, fellow Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly, didn’t waste any time adding their overacting to his play either, some more concerned about women from out of state than women in this state where abortion clinics are lightly regulated or inspected, if at all.

It is Governor Pritzker and the Democrats who are extremists on abortion.  Polls show two-thirds of Illinoisans believe abortion should only be legal in the first trimester and 72 percent believe parents have a right to know if their daughter is seeking an abortion.  The 2019 law allowed for abortions to be performed through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason and last fall the Democrats passed, and Governor Pritzker signed, legislation that repealed parental notice of abortion.

Democrats are desperate. This has very little to do with Roe v. Wade and everything to do with clinging to their power and relevancy. We need to look away from their toddler tantrum and focus on protecting the most vulnerable among us.


Illinois: Abortion Destination Capital Of The Midwest

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, it will put more power back in the hands of the states and threaten to make Illinois’s current abortion laws even more heinous and abortion tourism even more prevalent.


Back in September, Governor Pritzker flat out told us his ‘vision’ for Illinois:“I am very concerned and focused on making sure that here in Illinois we are a beacon of hope for women…in states like Missouri (who) have had to come across the border” he said.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that in 2020, more than 46,000 abortions were performed in Illinois, of which more than 9,600 were out-of-state pregnancies terminated in Illinois.

Illinois has already made abortion more accessible, but Democrats like Kelly Cassidy want more: “We can ensure that there are resources available for patients… from Texas,” Cassidy said during a news conference. “Can we make coverage available?”



Tyrant JB Pritzker has extended the COVID-19 disaster in Illinois for another 30 days. He says the virus continues to infect and claim the lives of too many Illinoisans each day.


Pritzker and Cook County leaders are doing this to our most vulnerable, children and seniors, to interfere with suffrage in the Midterm Elections.

It’s up to those of us in the middle, parents of school age children and children of elderly parents, to stand up to this deceptive manipulation!

It gets real personal, real fast, read more here:


Know What They’re Teaching Your Kids

What’s being “normalized” by your school’s sex education curriculum, who sets the agenda, how are your children’s teachers being trained, and how does the material align with your family values?  

Judge for yourself in the case of, an organization with materials that have made their way into Illinois schools. Some of the AMAZE videos cover some basic sex ed topics with little to object to, but there are others that have NO business being in our public schools. Learn More About It Here.


Not A Shred Of Criticism Coming From Illinois

It’s all over national and social media, but if you are relying on Illinois politicians and media for analysis, there’s nothing controversial about the Department of Homeland Security’s new sinister sounding “Disinformation Governance Board” (even though it was quickly and appropriately dubbed the ‘Ministry of Truth’, alluding to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four).

Heading the board will be “disinformation expert”, Nina Jankowicz (pictured above). She’s an expert, alright. Just look at the short list of her impressive “disinformation” credentials:

  • She repeatedly dismissed the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, alternately claiming it was a “Trump campaign product” and a Russian hoax.
  • She criticized the Wuhan lab leak theory, earning her praise from the Chinese Communist Party.
  • She spread the disproven claim that Russians had paid bounties on US soldiers.
  • She praised the infamous Christopher Steele dossier, which was in fact fabricated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Read about the "dis-information" here.


This Is What You Get When Democrat Policies Favor Criminals

Serial lawbreaker Marvin Bugg has been arrested 76 times since 2014.

You read that correctly- 76 times!

Most recently, he tried to sexually assault a disabled woman inside an elevator at the Roosevelt CTA station in March and was arrested in River North on Friday for allegedly touching a 13-year-old girl’s breasts while she was on a school field trip downtown.

Why is this guy free to roam the streets of Chicago?!?


Kimberly Foxx Didn’t Want to Prosecute This Killer

But thankfully, CPD Detective-Commander Charles Brown was doing his job and decided to override Chicago’s Soros-backed top prosecutor. Gregory Stamps (pictured above) has been charged with murder for fatally hitting a man in the head multiple times with a hammer last weekend.

Surprise, surprise…this miscreant has a lengthy criminal history & more here.



Round Table Discussion Worth Revisiting

Democrats are pushing new anti-crimes bills to distract from the damaging SAFE-T Act they passed in the wee hours of the lame duck session back in January of 2021.

Republicans want crime to be illegal again, and they’re introducing several bills that would completely repeal the disastrous SAFE-T Act.


Cost Of Diesel Fuel Hammering Truckers

But Pritzker & Co. are quite comfortable. The soaring cost at the pump of diesel and other petroleum products is generating a tax windfall for state and local governments, which get more sales revenue as prices rise.

Ultimately, the trucking industry has to pass along higher fuel costs to consumers, and that affects everyone.

Media Reporting Here.

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