NPW, Illinois' Future & Tailer Plates

The CDC has stated the obvious when it comes to people who have been vaccinated. Under newly released guidelines people who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask whether they are indoors or outdoors or at large or small gatherings.

In other words, the CDC has decided to use common sense. If the vaccines work – it makes no sense to require vaccinated people to wear masks. 

Hopefully, our Governor will embrace science instead of just talking about how he looks to science for guidance during the pandemic. 

This week’s newsletter highlights National Police Week, a new report on Illinois’ economic outlook and the efforts to lower the license plate renewal fee for small trailers. 

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Brad Halbrook                                                                                                                                                                                    


National Police Week should be every week

As National Police Week winds down, I think we should make the appreciation of law enforcement more than just something we do one week per year. 

The vast majority of people who serve in law enforcement do so honorably. They risk a lot to keep us safe. It should not take a special week on the calendar for us to appreciate the sacrifices law enforcement make for us on a daily basis.

National Police week can be traced backed to 1962 when President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. It is an opportunity for the community to show their appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices of those who serve in law enforcement.

So far this year 125 police officers nationally have died in the line of duty. The total overall line of duty deaths is up 9 percent so far this year, and the number of officers killed by gunfire is up 28 percent this year.

Criminals know cities across the country are defunding their police departments and are short-handed and they are taking full advantage of the situation. The end result is that the safety of our communities is comprised, and our police officers are facing even greater threats. We need to stand up for law enforcement because the safety of our communities depends on it.


New report ranks Illinois’s economic future outlook the third worst in the nation

Illinois’s economic outlook is poor according to a new report from the American Legislative Exchange Council. The report, called “Rich States, Poor States” ranks Illinois 47th in the country for its economic outlook. 

According to co-author Arthur Laffer, former economic advisor to former President Ronald Reagan, states that favor low tax and spending policies came out on top of the list, which certainly is not Illinois. 

Illinois gets low marks for property taxes, a poor litigation climate and high corporate taxes. To see the full Illinois rankings log in here. 


Trailer fee bill stalls

As part of Gov. Pritzker’s infrastructure plan, the license plate renewal fees for small trailers went up from $18 to $118.

Since the fee hike has taken effect, the number of license plate stickers for these small trailers has decreased by 150,000. 

Several legislators on both sides of the aisle have filed measures to reduce these fees. The House Revenue and Finance Committee held a hearing on the trailer fee issue, but no vote was taken. The Chairman of the Committee Rep. Michael Zalewski, D-Riverside, said he hopes to get compromise legislation to lower the fees by the end of session, which is very good news.

To learn more, click here. 


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