Illinois To Do List - Common Sense Rules

First Up - All bills and significant amendments to bills must be available for review for 72 hours.
Why does the Gun Ban Bill, HB 5471 have the title "Insurance Code - Public Adjusters"? And why a very identical bill in December presented as HB5855 and then become SB2226 before passing in the dark of the night as HB5471?  
These confusing procedures happen because Democrats are trying to skirt the rule that a bill has to be read three different times on three different days before passage.  Amendments do not.  So when Democrats want to get something done in a hurry, they will just "gut and replace" a bill entirely by an Amendment with the opening line of "Replaces everything after the enacting clause."

It is dishonest.
This is how the Democrats passed the SAFE-T Act. And now - that very process of gutting and replacing a bill with entirely  new language and then passing it out without 72 hours of review, is part of the lawsuit charging the SAFE-T Act as illegal.
To make sure this doesn't happen anymore, I am proposing a common sense rule that all bills and significant amendments to bills must be available for public review for 72 hours.
Let me know how you feel about this rule by filling out the short survey.  

Should The Illinois General Assembly be required to have any & all bills reviewed for 72 hours before voting on them?

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  • Brad Halbrook
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