Caution - Lame Duck 🦆 Session 1.4.23

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Session Alert

Lame Duck Session Begins January 4th


The most dangerous time in Springfield is the period when the legislature meets between the election and when it swears in new members. The purpose for meeting is ostensibly to clean up unresolved issues from the previous General Assembly. In fact, it is also used to move legislation with non-returning members “lame ducks” freely able to vote on legislation since they won’t be facing voters again any time soon—if at all.

In 2021, the last lame duck session following the 2020 election, the Black caucus pushed the SAFE-T Act just hours before the new General Assembly was sworn in. We know how that worked out. A first in the nation terrible bill was pushed out with a minimum of votes only to be found by the courts to be unconstitutional for right now.

What to Expect This Week


  1. HB5855 – Gun Grab Bill. This bill could be up for a final vote this week. Democrats have proven that they will pass controversial legislation within a matter of only a few hours.  The word is that Democrats in the Senate are working on a different version of the bill. It will likely be just as bad as the House version.
  2. Unemployment Insurance Fund – In December’s veto Session, the Democrats promised to pass a bill in January to lend the fund $450 million to be paid back over the next 10 years. That legislation is expected to come up for a vote this week. I opposed the deal brokered by the business lobbyists and labor. At a minimum, the $450 million should be a grant and not a loan. Businesses will be paying higher rates; this fix did not include a plan to go after the estimated $2 billion in fraud that occurred with COVID payouts.
  3. MORE FUNNY MONEY FOR THE GOVERNOR.  The Governor is asking for a $1 billion slush fund that he can use to entice business to come to Illinois or to stay in Illinois. The Governor specifically is courting Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers. The state hasn’t won a single EV battery manufacturer so far and just lost the Stellantis plant last month. This program is offensive to every single small business owner struggling to stay open in Illinois.  They are not being courted with million-dollar incentives. If the Governor and Labor were concerned about attracting businesses, they would lower taxes and would not have enshrined union workers with superior rights in Amendment 1.

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