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Springfield Needs A Special Session NOW

The Illinois General Assembly is not scheduled to return to work until November 15. This is why Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) is requesting that lawmakers return to Springfield immediately for a special session to address two crucial issues facing Illinois taxpayers-public safety and record gas prices.


6 Major Flaws In The SAFE-T Act

And why it must be repealed.


  1. Ends cash bail abruptly without offsetting mitigations to keep victims and the public safe. 
  2. Almost entirely eliminates judicial discretion except for a few enumerated crimes.
  3. Creates a class of dangerous crimes that are non-detainable, increasing overall risk to the public.
  4. Removes the “threat-to-the-community” standard from the new law, rendering many crimes virtually non-detainable.
  5. Makes proving a “high likelihood of willful flight” nearly impossible, rendering many crimes effectively non-detainable.
  6. Makes likely the release of thousands of alleged criminals on January 1.


6th Major Corporation To Leave Illinois In 2022

Tyson is headed to Arkansas- and no one is surprised.

From 2017 to 2022, Illinois’ ranking in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index dropped 13 spots, the 2nd highest decline in the nation. CNBC ranks Illinois as the 3rd least friendly state for businesses.

State leaders need to address Illinois’ regulatory climate and tax burden, or companies will continue to move to states that are more welcoming. Illinoisans need to consider what Amendment 1 will do to taxes and Illinois’ business climate if it passes on November 8th.


All You Need To Know About Amendment 1

If you care about property taxes, parents’ rights or union powers-and the future of Illinois-you should care about Amendment 1, a referendum on the November ballot. If you need a rundown of all the important points of the amendment covered in just 5 minutes, this video is for you.

In Case You Missed It

From My Colleague State Rep. Dan Caulkins

“State Rep. Dan Caulkins, R-Decatur, said another reason for high prices in Illinois is high state motor fuel taxes. He's calling for a suspension of the state's motor fuel tax to ease prices at the pump.

"Instead of giving criminals a financial break with no cash bail, how about we give taxpayers a break at the pump and suspend the motor fuel tax," said Caulkins. "We were elected to represent our constituents. We need to get back to work and address the important issues facing the state."

For Comparison’s Sake, Gas Prices in One Chart

Note:  These are current prices.  They have headed back up!


From the Caucus Blog This Week

First Illinois crop report of October 2022 shows harvest is underway. The crop report, generated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDOA), is based on agricultural conditions from all regions of Illinois. It concentrates on conditions as of Sunday, October 2, in the fields used to grow corn and soybeans.

Most of the fields used to grow Illinois’ top two cash crops were in good to excellent condition as the harvest season got underway. Corn was 69% good-to-excellent, and beans were 67% good-to-excellent. Thirteen percent of Illinois’ field corn had been harvested as of the first weekend in October and harvest machinery had taken up 10% of Illinois’ soybeans. Comparatively dry soil conditions were continuing to create good harvest machinery conditions.


Early Hard Freeze On Its Way?

The first widespread freeze of the season occurred across Central Illinois this past weekend as many areas saw their thermometers drop to 32°. Now, a series of cold fronts are bringing even cooler temperatures to the area and could leave the area with an early season hard freeze early next week.


‘Lineman Olympics’

Ameren Illinois linemen and apprentices are gearing up to compete at the 38th International Lineman’s Rodeo in Kansas. Kevin Young, the manager of electric training for Ameren Illinois, considers linemen “working athletes.” This competition gives them the opportunity to show off their skills. The events at the rodeo are timed. The participants compete in both team and individual events.

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